Factory Unlock Your AT&T iPhone Baseband 4.12.01 & 4.11.08 – iOS 6

The 10 Best Cydia Apps & Tweaks 2013

Here are 10 of the best cydia apps and tweaks of 2013 this is only part 1 of many to come enjoy! Tweak List: 1: Auxo 2: Animer 3: Flagpaint 4: Apple ad ringtones 5: StatusTab 6: TorchNC 7: InstaSnap 8: Download To Newsstand 9: Dubstep Carriers 10: Go Desk Sakura Falling Go Desk Video: Get FREE iTunes & Amazon Giftcards and Pay Pal cash Here LEGIT! Add Me To Google+ My Instagram Photos View More iDeviceMovies Stuff Like Everything iDevice On Facebook! Follow iDeviceMovies on Twitter! About Everything iDevice & iDeviceMovies: EiD is a blog site that gives you complete coverage of Apple, iOS, Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple TV, Cydia, Jailbreak, Winterboard themes, Tweaks, Hacks, Mods and Apps. Basically anything that involves your Apple products hardware to software.
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  1. i insall go desk and fucked up my iphone and uninstall this shit

  2. Suck a cock I went to the safe mode for downloading the first shit toooooooook me 4EVVVVVVVVVERRRR to fix or maybe it’s not ur fault but idk

  3. Where do I find animer?

  4. when i download “Go Desk” my springboard crashes. I cant get out of Safe Mode unless i delete it. Anyone know how i can fix that? Running an ipod 5 on 6.1

  5. I even google searched for the source…nothing. Animer is not on Cydia

  6. you need a better source

  7. what the name of the song guys

  8. Where the heck is Animer? Every time I search for it I find an anime wallpaper theme….

  9. End song: skrillex - reason

  10. Damn bro I also have NERO!

  11. thanx dude

  12. @TheTonyk123 cheers dude :)

  13. It’s called Zephyr

  14. i search…and found Zephyr. and it awesome. same like at 6:23 but much better i think

  15. What apps for Slide up for double click home button ? *to open the menu. at 6:23

  16. /watch?v=vym1OKzQJ_A watch video and link for download ipa cracked real racing 3

  17. Don’t watch waste of time Dx

  18. zeppelin makes iphone crash

  19. nice video

  20. Mishmash salmanazars go to settings it’s near the bottom plz subscribe to my channel I’m working on a vid at the mo!

  21. Can u plz tell me an auxo alternative bcuz auxo doesn’t work for me!!!

  22. i cant find dubstep carriers in cydia :/

  23. Skrillex >:D

  24. Go Desk will not work for iOS 6 for anyone wondering. If you read actual app notes before downloading you will know. K Thanks

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