Factory Unlock Your AT&T iPhone Baseband 4.12.01 & 4.11.08 – iOS 6

Jailbreak iOS 6, 6.0.1, 6.1, 6.1.2 UNTETHERED iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS, iPad 2/3/4/Mini, iPod Touch 4g/5g

The fully Untethered jailbreak for every iDevice running iOS 6.xx is finally out! SIKMEN shows you the best and easiest guide on how to do it. For More on Jailbreaking visit- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Website- http Subscribe- Follow us- Stalk us- Circle us- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DOWNLOADS- Firmware- evasi0n-

  1. try puttin it in to dfu mode and then try to restore I should work. If u dont know how just type up how to put in to DFU mode or something

  2. Also tooked to Apple , they couldn’t fix it

  3. Thanks a load.. , Boot Infinte Loop , can’t restore (error -1) , NOW WHAT?

  4. Yeh mine did that I took it back to apple and they fixed it it took like week

  5. does jailbreaking a iphone unlock it?
    Can you do a tut on that or just a software to unlock it only but not jailbroken?

  6. thanks bro

  7. Sikmen I need help my domain stuff wont work if i go into facebook try to log in it says error code -1202 (NSURLErrorDomain) i cant not connect to appstore , itunes and yes im connected to the internet Please Help. ive looked a the internet settings and the domain space is blank idk what to put there

  8. Superb i was just hesitating to jailbreak my iphone but now i think i can

  9. yes, but 2 days later i was stuck on the apple logo and i had restored my ipod and im not jailbraiking any more!!
    i was downloading AppSync! dont download AppSync your ipod will crash the next day.

  10. Yes it does, that’s what firmware I was used to jailbreak.

  11. how long will it “Prepare Filesystem” ? When you first open cydia?

  12. thanks bro

  13. My sound keeps stopping and the phone keeps rebooting! Wtf is going o

  14. Here you Go…..
    Thanks for a good video!

  15. Thanks

  16. it says its noy avalible

  17. he said like 4 times it works on every i device

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  19. stay

  20. i have just done this and it worked 100% cydia took a while to finish but works and is able to jailbreak 6.0-6.1.2 thank you heaps been waiting for something like this forever

  21. ipad 6.0.1 does it work? please reply

  22. where is that liunk i dodnt see it?

  23. which one did u click

  24. my jailbreak button wont let me click on it even wen my ipads plugged in

  25. Holy Shit bro Thnx It worked Guys thnx Sikmenios :)

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