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iPhone 4 virtual shutter will not open / Apple Fail / Camera Problem

Just got my new iPhone – first time Apple buyer, spend 500 bucks and camera wont work! Restored, Installed Software, and so on. – nothing, must be a Hardware…

  1. Happens to me from time to time. Pisses me off a little but it works after about 20 minutes.

  2. got the same problem nothing helped contacted apple now i hope they just send me a new one soon

  3. do they hold $500 on your credit card or is it free?

  4. Camera is bad replace it!

  5. Dubble tap the home butten and delete the camera on your multi task try it out

  6. smashing your phone may work jokes dont try that you can check out my channel

  7. I know this is very old but solution to this is to delete some of your stuff. You are out of space on your phone, hence camera not opening.

  8. If anyone has done a screen replacement and now have this problem (usually the camera/video icon flickers), just above the far left SMALL flex cable (looking from the back of the phone, i think its the volume,silent,earphonejack flex), there is a microscopic size capacitor on the motherboard. If you see 2 mini holes then you no longer have the capacitor there, its very easy to break off, either solder the gap or use a silver contact pen to bridge the gap. your camera will magically work again.

  9. Here’s what u do

    Double click the home button,
    Then Remove camera app from the hotbar,
    Problem solved!!!

  10. Make sure that the camera is installed right it should fix it

  11. what are you talking about, i got that straight from one of the vids from “Computer Room Nottingham” He’s a professional and fixes all apple devices, watch some of his vids, your a taistless a**hole who assumes s*it that he thinks is right, If your going to accuse someone for making shit up at least make sure you’re right first, whats wrong with you?

  12. Seriously, stop giving advice. It is painfully obvious you are making shit up and have no background whatsoever in any electronic field.

  13. if the wifi doesn’t work for longer then 30 centimeters thats a hardware defect, you probably overloaded one of the fuses in the phone from the jailbreak and combusted the one that is related the the wifi, the camera can probably be fixed by re jailbreaking the phone with the right software.

  14. your cat wants to have sex with you….

  15. ok i know this sucks but hers your options

    1. download camra awesome..use this as cam app alternative

    2. restore phone and start from scratch, what i did was saved all the photos on my cpu. synced contacts with windows contacts and notes with outlook

  16. i have the same problem

  17. guys i have solution to the problem ( for me anyway ) some cydia apps do it. e.x the last cydia app you install before the problem e.x for me was infinifolder because it wasnt for my iOS (5.0.1) before the upgade !! P.S sry for my bad english the solution is from greece :P

  18. When mine does that, I hit the button to switch to video mode and it usually clears up within 5 or 10 seconds. It hardly ever does it though.

  19. iphone 2g…
    same problem
    aunt got wrong jailbreak…
    camera and wifi (at more than 30 centimeters) wont work
    please help me :-[

  20. same problem on 3gs , i think it is a software issue on 5.0.1 jailbreak..

  21. I have had this same problem on 2 of my iphone 4. I sent the old one back because of it and got a new one. Now it is doing the same thing.  Also my home button doesn’t work anymore. I had a droid before and loved it. Def buying the droid razr.

  22. got the same problem here…..

  23. thats why you dont buy apple

  24. Send it to service. Waiting ……..

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